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Social Media Strategist

I help small businesses use social media to increase their sales and attract their target audience by creating unique strategies tailored to their business.

Let's Work I have spent time learning and mastering social media marketing so that I can help you build the business of your dream. I have also successfully collaborated with marketing managers, project managers and social media managers to create or maintain social media accounts, company websites and online marketing campaigns. Let's Work Together. 01 Hi Mariam, I don’t even know how to start thanking you ! All the amazing advice you gave me have been so helpful. I am already implementing some. And thank you so much for the engagement/ visibility tips! I am in the comment section of my target audience and I got a DM from there today. All thanks to you - @jijisparkles Happy Clients 02 Hey Mariam, I love love your page. The wealth of info is so much that I am mad at myself for not finding it sooner. Thank you so for what you do. – Tito Happy Clients arrow_back arrow_forward 03 Hey Mariam, thank you for not hoarding your knowledge I have learnt so much from you - Happy Clients arrow_forward arrow_back 04 Thank you for the tips you dish out on your page!!. They have been helpful and insightful - Thelma Happy Clients arrow_forward arrow_back 05 Thank you so much for the Audit
I’m implementing bit by bit and I am seeing the result - @matchi.a
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